Freewheelers "Smokey Bear" Duck Canvas Hat (Brown)
November 17, 2023

Freewheelers "Smokey Bear" Duck Canvas Hat (Brown)

Freewheelers, always keen to skilfully combine the old and the new, bring us the "Smokey Bear" Hat! Drawing direct design inspiration from the American forestry workers of the 1920s, who would guard the forest from fire outbreaks and keep hikers safe, this hat is perfect for donning in the sunshine! Of course, they've cheekily named the hat after the iconic American Forestry Association's forest fire prevention mascot, Smokey Bear, so make sure to watch out for fire hazards!

Made from a vintage cotton duck fabric, and reinforced with internal and external stitching, this hat is tough and sturdy, while still being easy to wear.  The hardy construction means it'll keep you shaded from the sun for many years. With wear this piece will age very charmingly - sun fading is sure to make it look amazing! 

Freewheelers have taken pains to keep your head cool when hiking in the burning sun also - this hat features 4 eyelet holes dotted on both sides of the hat for ventilation, and a sweat proof band inside the hat. There is also an adjustable band on the back to help fit for many different head sizes. 

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