Freewheelers S-8 Aviator's Summer Flying Jacket (Olive)
June 14, 2024

Freewheelers S-8 Aviator's Summer Flying Jacket (Olive)

Simplicity isn't always so simple...

This jacket is constructed with FW's signature heavyweight jungle cloth fabric. Slowly woven on vintage machines, this is a densely woven and hardwearing fabric, which is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. The surface is skillfully coated with a waxy finish that not only provides a water and windproof seal but also creates a smoother surface and will maintain over time. The khaki beige colourway is yarn-dyed and will age to a soulful look with time, just like a vintage military piece from the 30s!

Speaking of details, this jacket features a double-sided zip opening for practical use, chain stitch construction and a v-stitch reinforced collar with a button strap for durability, two giant three dimensional chest pockets making a bold statement while offering ample storage for your essentials, twin waist pockets with lightweight flannel lining for ultimate comfort, as well as sleeve opening and waist adjusters to ensure you always get the perfect fit!

If you’re looking for a daily jacket with a comfortable fit, this is the best choice!

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