Freewheelers ‘S-8 Aviators’ Flight jacket (Khaki Beige)
April 13, 2019

Freewheelers ‘S-8 Aviators’ Flight jacket (Khaki Beige)

Simplicity isn’t always so simple...

Made from a specially developed heavy weight, jungle cloth, this one has a subtle vertical texture and a soft feeling. With time the light contrast will age to a soulful vintage look with plenty of soft texture.

Simply put, FW have put their complete energy into this one to create a look that appears minimal but up close, you can see the three dimensional patterns and detailed construction that bring this to life!

With a creative and functional design, this one features two three-dimensional chest pockets and a good sized sleeve pocket for your gear!

The adjustable collar and bottom sections are great for adapting to the weather and keeping cosy.

If you’re looking for a daily jacket with an formal fit, this is the best choice.

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