Freewheelers "Rebels" Horsehide Sports Jacket (Blackjack)
April 30, 2021

Freewheelers "Rebels" Horsehide Sports Jacket (Blackjack)

Yet again, another incredible jacket with the FW standard of craftsmanship!

When thinking back to classic riding sports jackets an asymmetrical design comes to mind, but rarely do we see such a tasteful single-riders jackets. This design takes inspiration from the 1930s~ style worn by the motorcycle rebels of the USA.

The simple single front design features a ''WHIZZER'' zip, a typical style of jackets from the 1930s, and uses a pin-locking slide so there's no unexpected un-fastening. The single outer chest pocket has an aggressive diagonal shape which gives off a striking look and also features a 'WHIZZER' ball chain zip!

As for the lower waist pockets, the diagonal direction is continued and features an extra sturdy welt style pocket opening.

Change it to suit your preference; you can adjust the cuff openings and lower back using the roller buckles. The backside also features a darted pattern for a more three-dimensional shape, inspired by vintage designs to enhance comfort in motorcycle riding positions.

If the weather drops fast, you can always flip up the collar for substantial wind protection, thanks to the curved collar shape.

Now, onto that amazing horsehide specially developed by Freewheelers! This is the new 'BLACK JACK' colourway, which uses a 1.3mm thick hide with a thick top black coloured dye which allows the inner core to gain a rich dark brown shade that will eventually reveal itself in areas of wear.

To keep you cosy and warm, this jacket is fully lined with FW's iconic cotton flannel fabric. To reduce friction with wear, FW applied a brushing process to the sleeves lining so it's always extra smooth!

For those who have never seen this standard of leather jacket, we guarantee this will be a pleasurable journey!

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