October 08, 2020


Wanna be as chill as some dope Samurai? Reach for Freewheelers graphic tees!

This one draws on multiple sources of of inspiration to create a totally unique design to commemorate Freewheelers’ 10th Anniversary as a brand. Domestic Japanese dealers can only display this one in their physical stores so we might be one of the only dealer in the world to show you guys!

Inspired by Japanese traditional Japanese woodblock art called 'Ukiyo-e’, this features two samurai with swords. If you look closely you can see they are wearing streetwear-inspired fits with sneakers and smoking pipes for instead of sheaths!

On the left side you can see the running figure some of you guys may remember from last seasons graphic tees. This is inspired by vintage tees from the 1980s Tokyo marathon NIKE limited t-shirt.

In the top left the first four Japanese characters spell out “Bad-ass Mr Freewheeler’, while the second three say “Mad vintage runner (car)” which is a tribute to the Freewheelers love of vintage motorsport racing.

The back design is inspired by the vintage Nike ‘Swoosh” design modified with smoking pipes, with the slogan ‘Smoke 'Em”, which we really love。

Perfect to match with your daily gears, If you want to Smoke ‘Em in battle or just chill like these samurai, this is a great choice!

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