Freewheelers N-1 1940s Naval Deck Jacket
June 01, 2018

Freewheelers N-1 1940s Naval Deck Jacket

Talking about “All-Time-Classic” winter jackets, you may not like to ignore the 1940s naval deck jacket! This season, we have the "Next-Level-Thing”, the latest Freewheelers’ one for you!

The shell is made up with paraffin coated jungle cloth, the jungle cloth has a strong vertical striped texture and a smooth touch,due to it is paraffin wax coated, it will also keep your body dry in wet weather!

The jacket is lined with some long fibre alpaca, soft like some cashmere and also keep you warm in cold seasons! That is the true luxury feeling!

Construction wise, it is also nothing like usual, the jacket has a slimmer fit if you compares with a vintage one, the collar has been “V” stitched for extra strength and hidden collar closure will keep your neck warm if you need in some freezing days!

If you are looking for some finest N-1 deck jacket, this is the ideal one! 

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