Freewheelers Muholland Horsehide Jacket (Vintage Black)
November 01, 2018

Freewheelers Muholland Horsehide Jacket (Vintage Black)

For those who know, this kind of jacket is what you call ‘Heirloom’ standard.

Freewheelers are known for creating some of the most unique and complex garments with three-dimensional design and attention to detail.

Unlike the standard version, for our stores only, we’ve chosen a special rich black tea-cord dyed , high density horsehide from Shinki Tannery. This means that the outside and internal surface are coated with rich black dye, leaving the inner core as it’s natural, light brown colour. With time, the internal core will reveal itself slowly and age to a totally unique dark black, brown look.

The vintage central zip fastener look takes inspiration from 1930s leather, sportswear jackets but takes the origins of classic style to another level. The versatile collar can be worn in three different styles, half zipped, fully zipped and inverted for a punk look!

With a curved hem and three-dimensional pattern, the jacket fits perfectly around your shoulders for a flexible fit. For extra comfort, two woven cotton flannel linings have been used for the inner body and sleeves.

If you’re looking to grab one of the best of the best leather jackets, this is your chance.

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