Freewheelers  "Mechanic" Caps
September 06, 2016

Freewheelers "Mechanic" Caps

Freewheelers "Mechanic" Caps are in stock!

These are their standard items which are sold well for years in Japan! We have both styles — 10oz Denim & Herringbone Twills. The 10oz raw denim version has a very interesting neppy texture & you may also like the herringbone twills one which is so silky textured and fits comfy for your head! Both are guaranteed to age nicely with wears & washes!

The A-3 "Mechanic" cap is an iconic model and Freewheelers adjust the pattern to make it more Freewheelers Style which has a slightly deeper body and longer lip that you can always bend it for a different stylings!

As we think so these are some best A-3 Mechanic Caps we have received so far, if you are interested in them, welcome to give them a check!

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