Freewheelers M-1941 Field Jacket
August 30, 2018

Freewheelers M-1941 Field Jacket

Inspired from 1940s vintage jackets, this shows how FW can turn historical garment into something totally new!

Many modern day brands are inspired by garments from the past but none can truly recreate a new piece even more exciting than the original like how Freewheeler’s do!

This kind of functional design is seriously complicated to create! From the overstitching, to the three-demenstional, asymmetrical fit, the pattern has to be created and refined over and over by true experts!
Using a mid-weight, cotton twill fabric, with time the overall look will age to a ‘hard-worked’ vintage look with soft contrast. 

Stay cosy with the adjustable cuffs and collar strap! When you’re in the field, there ain’t no better option! 

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