Freewheelers “M-1941” Field Jacket
July 03, 2017

Freewheelers “M-1941” Field Jacket

When it comes to military inspired clothing, Freewheelers is the only brand who time and time again bring these historical pieces of clothing to the next level!

The original M-41 jacket was heavily used during WW2 by US Army soldiers due to its superior functionality and durability. Nowadays, the significance of the M-41 jacket lives on and has become a widely known symbol for the WW2 American GI’s.

By taking this rich history, Freewheelers have created their own interpretation of the classic jacket and have brought it into modern light! Original M-41 jackets are loose fitting and feature wide sleeves, this version from the Freewheelers has been heavily modified to achieve a modern style fit. The sleeves are slim tapered, allowing for a more elegant fit with improved comfort. The entire outer shell has been created from Freewheelers own specially developed, overdyed, high density poplin cloth. It is soft to the touch yet durable, with wear it will become slightly lighter and really start to show the specially developed textured surface. The inner lining is also very unique, another specially developed fabric from the Freewheelers. This lightweight flannel fabric will keep you warm and allow the jacket to breath! To keep cosy when it gets cold, the collar can be raised up and adjusted in place using the hidden collar strap!

Thanks to the versatile design, this is a great jacket for all year round wear! The perfect option for those who are a fan of functional, military inspired gear!

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