Freewheelers “Log Roller” Heavy Corduroy Pants (Straight Tapered fit)
April 02, 2018

Freewheelers “Log Roller” Heavy Corduroy Pants (Straight Tapered fit)

This is one of the most popular pieces from the latest collection which is inspired from 1940s  British Army pants!

Famous for putting the devil in the details, Freewheeler’s have created a minimal silhouette with some insane construction. With the use of  a secured extra tall waistband and flap pockets, this is one for those who like the beauty of functional details.

Created from vintage machines, the extra large scale corduroy stripes are silky smooth and comfy. Great for colder seasons, wear them with your favourite boots for a vintage style or your sneakers for a modern feel.

The Straight Tapered fit makes for an elegant, relaxed look. From the beautifully complex detailing externally and internally to the soft deep green sheen, this is a versatile FW piece you regret to grab!

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