Freewheelers 'Locomotive' 8oz Selvage Denim Shirt
December 15, 2019

Freewheelers 'Locomotive' 8oz Selvage Denim Shirt

FW are steaming ahead with their quality garments!

Inspired by work shirt designs from the 1910s, this one from FW features some exaggerated scale and curved pattern!

Slowly woven using vintage machines, the denim comes in a once-washed state, is soft to the touch and has a beautiful vibrant shade of indigo.

With time, this denim will age up to sky blue colour, even more amazing than vintage denims!

From the chin strap, extra large mother of pearl buttons to the irregular chest pockets, this is a masterpiece of FW’s design and craftsmanship skills!

For FW collectors or serious fans of artisan denim, this is for you!

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