Freewheelers ‘Krafty’ Rip-Stop Chinos (Straight Tapered fit)
November 12, 2018

Freewheelers ‘Krafty’ Rip-Stop Chinos (Straight Tapered fit)

The ‘Krafty’ chinos' fit is a high rise/Straight Taper with an adjustable leg opening that is a very comfortable fit, especially when worn using the draw string waist fastener. You can adjust the fit to match your styling with the removable leg opening adjuster, taper them in or open them up, its up to you! The chino pocket design also features an additional fastened, front flap pocket. Perfect for your small belongings like keys or lighters! The entire chino is skilfully constructed to a ‘bullet proof’ standard using FW's crazy thick cotton thread. 

 their specially developed 10oz ripstop fabric is lightweight, durable and incredibly breathable for different occasions and weathers with functionalities ! The olive colour is over-dyed, through time, it will age to a more vintage look gradually!

Here are some of the most comfortable and functional chinos we’ve seen so far! And like most gears from FW we might not see them again, grab one for yourself while you can!

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