Freewheelers ‘Hellbent V8’ Loopwheel Tee
December 17, 2017

Freewheelers ‘Hellbent V8’ Loopwheel Tee

As one of the most experienced in creating printed designs, FW make some of the most interesting concepts for each of their garments. This ‘V8’ style tee is perfect for those who love vintage motor style!

The inspiration for this tee comes from the vintage FORD V8 motors used in racing challenges during  the 1940s. Once again FW have turned vintage culture into some seriously cool, modern style!

Created using vintage machinery, the loopwheel fabric is slowly loomed to make for a super soft yet durable tshirt fabric. The texture is full of subtle slubs and vintage character. With time the overdyed olive colour with age to a soft vintage shade!

From the extra tall collar band to the vintage stencil styled print, this is a perfect example of FW’s attention to detail in all areas!

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