Freewheelers Heavy Wool Melton A-1 Civilian Jacket
May 25, 2017

Freewheelers Heavy Wool Melton A-1 Civilian Jacket

When we talk about Freewheelers garments, we ain't got no jokes. They are seriously one of the greatest brand out there making garments for those who only one the best of the best. We bring in this awesome jacket for you this winter.

You can tell from the name - the A-1 Civilian Jacket is inspired by the classic A-1 flight combat jacket but in a civilian style. The normal A-1 jacket normally made out horsehide and since the horse leather is relatively stiff, it create a "structure" when you put it on. The "structure" helps the users to wear something warm underneath but still move around easily.

By "civilian" style, Freewheelers mean to create something that is much easier for daily compare with the traditional heavy combat A-1. So Freewheelers custom made this super unique high density melton wool for this jacket. The wool has been so tightly knit it will give you that "structure" like a horsehide. So the change of shell material doesn't change the classic flight jacket look. This fabric is so beautifully knit and dyed guarantee to be something you never seen before!

Not just the shell, the lining fabric is also interesting. Freewheelers create this beautiful cotton and wool blended flannel that looks like denim when you first look at it. With wears, they will age gradually through using. The jacket has been so strictly made and details are everywhere. If you looking for a serious winter jacket, this could be your best choice!

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