Freewheelers "Havoc" 8oz Denim Western Shirt (Black)
June 23, 2022

Freewheelers "Havoc" 8oz Denim Western Shirt (Black)

Somebody call the sheriff!

Freewheelers' latest sub-label collection ---- "Motor Psyclone" continues the brand's reimagining of iconic Americana by delving into the fashion styles of the 1960s motorcycle and music countercultures. The "Havoc" Western Shirt reminds us of the attire of classic villains and anti-heroes from Western movies, as well as the clothing of psychedelic and hard-rock musicians that came to define the decade!

The 8oz denim fabric has been slowly woven using vintage machines to create a smooth yet subtly uneven textured hand feel. Both the warp and weft have been yarn-dyed with black sulphur dye for a completely blacked-out look! With time, however, you can expect some beautiful monochrome fading, as the black surface fades revealing a white core!

Freewheelers have loaded this shirt with plenty of tasteful and eye-catching details! This shirt features a classic western yoke pattern on the front and back with subtle tonal stitching. The iron snap buttons with mother of pearl inlays on the front placket, chest pockets and sleeve openings, gleam in contrast to the rest of the black silhouette. The inspired sub-label patches on the inner collar add to the retro charm of the piece!

If you are looking for a classic Western shirt, with plenty of vintage 1960s-inspired details and superior Japanese construction, this could be a perfect choice!

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