September 27, 2020


No doubt, this is some of the best Wabash we’ve ever seen!

Taking inspiration from the 1890s~ railroad workwear, this one features a three-dimensional designed pattern to make it fit around your body more elegantly than typical vintage work coats. All pockets have also been designed on an angle to make them easier to use and maintain your natural posture. The adjustable collar is great for adapting to the weather and adds an elegant aspect to this workwear style.

The vintage-inspired watch pocket features hidden selvedge and is perfect for storing your keys! For an authentic rail-road vibe, all of the buttons feature a removable design. You can also adjust the cuffs and change the button layout for a more tapered look.

FW has really taken a step ahead of the rest when it comes to especially developing their fabrics. This is a selvage fabric made from indigo-dyed threads, meaning that with time, you’ll see many shades of indigo fading up, unlike typical over-dying techniques.

As for the Wabash pattern itself, they’ve applied two layers, an irregular beige dot with light burgundy speckles on top. This gives the overall pattern so much depth and really looks nothing like any other Wabash. For added character, the backside of the fabric features a skilfully printed ‘STIFUL’ logo mark to inspired by the legendary US fabric company from 1835~.

If you’re looking to try some of the best of the best, we guarantee you will enjoy this wabash for decades!

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