December 14, 2020


The masterpiece has landed!

When talking about the highest end leather jackets there’s no ignoring the FW!

Here we have an incredible LIFETIME jacket inspired by sports jackets worn by American workmen in the 1930s who travelled across the borders of the United States! This tasteful design has so many elegant details inspired by vintage jackets, we bet your eyes won’t stop following all the details!

Starting off, you can really see how amazing the horsehide is by its deep sheen! This 1.2mm horsehide is exclusively made by Shinki Tannery in Japan for FW. Compared to typical horsehide with a somewhat ‘greyish’ hue, this has a really rich black colour! The surface has been uneven black dyed yet maintains a vibrant light brown core. With long term usage, the surface will become even richer in black shades, gain beautiful crease lines and slowly reveal the inner core to make up for a back brown tone in areas of wear.

The constructions standards are seriously next level... from the perfectly wavy front closure to the curved chest and waist pockets. This makes up for a more functional fit and a truly unique style. The pleated backside with adjustable straps is a tasteful detail inspired by timeless jackets of the past. For comfort, the inner lining is made up of FW’s signature mid-weight cotton flannel fabric that’s smooth to the touch and super cosy.

If you’re keen to try one of the most impressive leather jackets from Japan, this is seriously it! Many seasoned collectors always tell us they love their FW leather jackets are itchy for their next!

Enjoy it with each wear, enjoy it for LIFE!!

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