Freewheelers "Engineer" Flight Jacketed Shirt
March 09, 2017

Freewheelers "Engineer" Flight Jacketed Shirt

Talking about menswear, like workwear style, military style also play an important role. As you might know, Freewheelers founder - Atsushi San used to be major designer The Real Mccoy's. This time, he bring us one of the most classic silhouette in modern military history - an engineer flight jacketed shirt. It is one of the most iconic military design - double chest pockets with a button down design. When you leave the button open, the collar sits naturally and looks like a lapel.

It does not just look like a jacket, it works like a jacket as well. Using a medium weight satin fabric which is loom from a vintage machine. The texture is so unique. The garment will age with wears and washes gradually and it will end up with a true vintage look.

Freewheelers put a look effort on details too. There is a "twin cuff buttons" design on the cuffs so you can always adjust your cuffs. You can either wear it by itself or layer with something thick like a sweatshirt or hoody underneath.

It is some most classic and practical item out here!