Freewheelers ‘Doyle’ Heavy Corduroy Duffle Coat (Grained Mocha)
June 24, 2018

Freewheelers ‘Doyle’ Heavy Corduroy Duffle Coat (Grained Mocha)

As one of the best Duffle coats we’ve ever seen, this is FW's ‘Made to Order’ standard!

This timeless design has been brought to another level! With a three-dimentional adjusting hood, hidden collar strap and deerskin patch reinforcements, this is the ultimate way to dodge the cold weather!

The heavy corduroy is made from thread dyed cotton! This silky smooth fabric will keep you warm and protect you from the wind! With time this will age to a beautiful vintage look, contrasting nicely against the natural straw & wood toggles!

There are so many details through this coat, it shows how far the Freewheelers can go! The entire jacket, including the dobby and waxed cotton twill linings are created with the highest skill by high end tailors. Many classic suit brands can’t even reach this level of fidelity!

This is a FW masterpiece, stay warm with this one for life!

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