Freewheelers “Catskill Goat” Mountain Parka (Vintage Khaki)
July 20, 2018

Freewheelers “Catskill Goat” Mountain Parka (Vintage Khaki)

Freewheelers go to the highest level!

Inspired by vintage mountaineering and hunting garments, this is a serious piece of FW’s supreme creativity and skill.

The outer shell is made from a sturdy, lightly waxed duck canvas fabric. This fabric is great at holding shape over long time usage and will keep you safe from the weather! The cuffs and collar feature FW’s iconic heavy corduroy linings for added comfort. With time, the combination of fabrics will age to a soulful vintage look and complement one another perfectly!

The complicated design features numerous front, side and back pockets for all of your belongings. This is what we call a ‘Backpack-jacket! Each pocket comes with a secure snap and the placket features extra heavy duty buttons for a unique look.

The detachable hood features a three-dimentional design to shade you from the weather and fit your head.

With so many mysterious and complex details, this is a great functional item for FW fans!

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