Freewheelers "Buffalo" Old Milk Glass Mug (Jade-Ite)
June 04, 2023

Freewheelers "Buffalo" Old Milk Glass Mug (Jade-Ite)

Aint nothing better to sip out of!

Famous for being sought-after pieces in many vintage collectors' archives, the Jade-Ite cups popularised during the 1940s and onwards are some timeless heirlooms used for generations. It is rare to find brand-new items but of course, this is no ordinary remake.

Skilfully hand-crafted by Tsuganucraft as per Freewheeler's request, these hand-shaped using traditional American glass-making techniques. Unlike ceramic, this Jade-ite features a partially opaque appearance allowing light to shine through to create a classic look. The tapered shape and extra-thick handle make for a very satisfying drinking experience.

Skilfully silk printed graphics make up for a tasteful, vintage-style accessory. Looking closely you can see the multicolour design adding some depth to the jadeite glass.

Whether you're a collector or not, these are the perfect choice for your drink of choice!

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