March 05, 2020


One for those with FULL GRAIN taste!

Yet again, FW have amazed us with their creativity and execution… This is their latest version for the famed ‘Brakeman’ jacket.

Inspired by 1920s railroad worker coats, this features a mid-to-long vertical length with classic chest and waist pockets including a hidden internal pocket.

This specially developed , 1.2mm thick, full grain horsehide has an amazing ‘slick’ sheen thanks to being skilfully over-dyed. This is exclusive to FW and is unlike any other horsehide you can find!

With use, this horsehide will gain an incredible vintage like look as creases set in place and more special sheen coming up.

After many trials and prototypes, FW have perfected their pattern designs to be able to create such an elegantly constructed shape and fit. From the perfectly curved corners to the tear drop style welt pockets, this is a functional design brought to the HIGHEST LEVEL.

The inner lining is made up of a slowly woven cotton and wool fabric which has been PERFECTLY finished with incredibly neat execution.

If you are after the best of the best, this one is a true MASTERPIECE!

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