Freewheelers "Bluff Creek Big Foot" Loopwheel Tee
August 16, 2023

Freewheelers "Bluff Creek Big Foot" Loopwheel Tee

What could it be? Big Foot!?

As part of the 'Unidentified Seriries' this tee brings some humourous American folklore stories to your daily life. As the stories tell... Bluff Creek is the location of the many 'Big Foot' sittings we know of. The front side features a clear siting of the infamous 'Big Foot' lurking in the field. Who knows what you'll see on your next adventure?

The subtly irregular cotton fabric has been slowly woven using vintage knitting machines to give it that authentic vintage vibe and texture! The detailed graphics have been multi-colour printed by skilled Japanese designers and will age to a soulful look with time!

If you are looking for a quality, textured tee with bold, vintage-inspired graphics, Freewheelers could be a perfect choice!

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