March 24, 2021


FW standards just keep on flying higher and higher!

When talking about vintage aviator style jackets there's one that stands out! This one takes inspiration from the US military contractor (Leather Togs MFG.Co.) from 1927. Originally this style was made with sheepskin due to available materials of the past era but FW has taken this one to their standards by using their own specially developed horsehide. This style is the icon of classic aviation jackets before the famous A1.

FW exclusively used Shinki leathers for this piece and specially developed the production-run to their exact taste! The 1.2mm thick horsehide is veggie tanned from raw hides which yields a unique texture with so much more depth than typical aviator leather jackets that have a flat brown colourway. You can see that the surface has a subtle sheen with many shades of deep burgundy-brown.

Timeless details like the waist pockets have been re-fined to FW perfection. Looking closely you can see that the shapes are slightly curved for a unique look unlike the plain, straighter shapes of the vintage versions. This level of accuracy is incredible and can only be executed by some of Japan's best artisans.

For those who may not know, making leather jackets with buttons to a high-end standard is extremely difficult. The buttonholes must be skilfully sewn with a curved opening that maintains shape for life whilst having an elegant appearance. Each heavy nut button is sewn with a reinforcement button on the reverse side and all snaps feature leather reinforcements for durability.

The internal lining is made up of a mid-weight moleskin fabric created with waxy cotton for a smooth silky feeling. This is much more breathable than polyester or nylon linings and adds additional warmth.

The collar features an additional snap for keeping your neck warm. All openings feature vintage machine woven ribbing that's durable and keeps the wind out!

For the best of the aviation gears of the past, this is it. If you have never tried any of FW's leather jackets we guarantee you will be impressed with their passion for crafting some of the BEST leather jackets in Japan!

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