First Arrow's Small "Soulo" Feather Pendants
October 16, 2016

First Arrow's Small "Soulo" Feather Pendants

Here is our latest special project with First Arrows, the “Soulo" Feather Pendant!

This beautifully hand made feather pendant features a very special ‘Soulo’ stone. In Japan it is said to become characterised by the soul of the wearer. Creating a personal connection between the stone and the wearer and in turn making the stone more valuable.

This natural stone is incredibly smooth and has been meticulously sourced in the Himalayas by First Arrows for our special project. If you look closely at the stone you will notice its rich character and totally dark colour, reminiscent of the pupil inside our eyeballs. With wears the stone will slowly age and become more personal and beautiful with wears.

The silver used by First Arrows is like no other brand! They use their own a specially created 950 silver which is made with 95% silver and 5% with a material that is classified. This silver has also gone through a special process to remove the air content from the metal, making the silver extremely dense! With this 950 silver, the Feather Pendants will age and oxidise showing off many shades of dark mahogany.

The entire feather has been hand crafted by First Arrows in Japan. This is a very labour intense process and can only be completed by the most skilled artisans!

If you are looking for a truly beautiful feather pendant that will become a meaningful personal item then this is choice for you!

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