First Arrow's "Pure Honour” silver Feather With Liquor Purple Ruby
May 08, 2017

First Arrow's "Pure Honour” silver Feather With Liquor Purple Ruby

The feather pendants are some of the most popular items from FA but our ‘Serious about Silver' fans were asking us, "why don’t you make some all silver feathers!?". This inspired us to bring these beasts to life!! So here we have our latest special edition project from First Arrows!

To create the heart of these beasts we developed the ‘Pure Honour’ emblem! A special ALL SILVER edition of the classic FA ‘Sunburst’ symbol  with liquor Purple Ruby . The feather design itself is inspired by Native American culture and is a symbol of freedom and courage! These crazy details can ONLY be created by hand; Even the most skilled craftsman must have full concentration and patience to successfully create these pieces!

These pendants are entirely created with FA’s special 950 silver, with use, the silver will age beautifully! The tone of the pendent will gain more contrast and make the handcrafted details shine!

For all who are ‘Serious about Silver’, these are the perfect pendants for you. You can pair em together in a set or have one by itself to show off your taste for quality silver!

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