First Arrows Large Arrow Bungle after 2 years in use
November 06, 2016

First Arrows Large Arrow Bungle after 2 years in use

Here is a great example of how beautifully this silver and 18K gold bungle from the First Arrows ages!

This bungle was inspired by the Native Indians who strongly believed that Silver and Gold will last forever. They made their best artworks using these two very special materials. Like these Native Indians, First Arrows skilfully craft their pieces using the very best, super dense silver and gold. They actually have their own special silver which is 95% silver and 5% classified metals. This creates a very unique and significant ageing appearance. You can see results of on this aged example. Some areas are beginning to become darker and are starting to appear like rich mahogany. Also you can see some really interesting colour changes around the gold seal! A pink hue is beginning to appear and really gives character to the hand detailed feather fibres.

These bungles are very carefully hand constructed by some of Japan’s most skilled artisans. These details can only be done by hand! The engraved pattern on the smooth edge has become darker and is now very vibrant. This is thanks to the characteristics of the craftsmanship and the special silver mixture.

If you are looking for a beautifully artistic accessory or if you just really love silver and gold, then this is the bungle for you!


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