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First Arrow's 18K “Sunburst" New Standard Oval Bungle (BR-210)

First Arrow's

First Arrow's 18K “Sunburst" New Standard Oval Bungle is the New Standard oval bungle designed for men specially. Based on the classic First Arrow's bungle design, First Arrow's brings some beautiful oval curve into the new design. This new oval design comes with a very minimised look and the shape of body is hand hammed by silver artisan from First Arrow's. It is super time consuming, however, you will see some smooth curves from every angles. Compare with the standard one, it comes with an extra thickness but fits even more comfortable than the standard one that you won't even feel the weight when you wear it. It is constructed with the FA secret 950 silver for the body and 18K gold for the "Sunburst" logo, there will be some awesome ageing with wears as guaranteed!

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