First Arrow's ’18k Gold Ruby Sunburst’ 8mm Bungle (Special Edition)
December 16, 2017

First Arrow's ’18k Gold Ruby Sunburst’ 8mm Bungle (Special Edition)

Inspired by our previous special edition pendant from FA, we’ve got some 'fire and ice' for your wrist!

The sun has always been an important symbol when talking about Native American culture. In First Arrow's works you can see a lot of symbols representing the sun, one of the most notable is the ‘Sunburst'. It has became one of the most signature symbols of First Arrow’s. For this edition, we've carefully placed the ruby to represent the eye of the sun! 

Unlike any other brand First Arrow’s use their own specially created 950 silver which is made with 95% silver and 5% classified materials. With time, the bungle will age and oxidise, showing off many shades of dark mahogany, matching perfectly with the 18k gold and bright pink ruby.

If you are looking for a serious wrist piece with minimal appearance but maximum character and quality, this is for you!

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