First Arrow's 18K Carving  "Sunburst" Plate
November 27, 2016

First Arrow's 18K Carving "Sunburst" Plate

The sun has always been an important symbol when talking about Native American culture. American Indians only pray to one god, the sun. In First Arrow's works you can see a lot of symbols of the sun, especially the "sunburst". It has became one of the most signature symbols of First Arrow's. This is the very first time we have brought in the First Arrow's 18K Carving  "Sunburst" Plate pendant for you. Crafted with FA's signature 950 silver for the body and with a 18K gold "sunburst" in the middle . All the carvings are finished by hand. As the piece ages, the detailed irregular silver carved texture will appear even stronger. If you looking for some pendants other than "feathers" or "arrows", this is a great choice.

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