First Arrow’s XS silver feather pendant
November 07, 2017

First Arrow’s XS silver feather pendant

Known for their high end standard, First Arrow’s create serious pieces! These extra small feather pendants are perfect for those who want to add something special to their set!

In Native Indian culture, the eagle feather is a symbol for strength, leadership and the vision of the wise. The First Arrows draw from the past and create truly beautiful new age pieces that are unlike no other!

Each feather is carefully created by hand from First Arrow’s special 950 silver The detailed fibres and elegant shape require the highest level of attention and skill to bring to life. With time the details will become even more visible as the 950 silver ages with a dark mahogany appearance.

Be sure to choose yours while you can. Match one up with your current set or begin a new journey, it’s up to you! 

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