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First Arrow’s Large Silver Feather With 18k Sunburst Emblem (P-002)

First Arrow's

As a true luxury classic from First Arrows, this is one of the most famous pieces of native American inspired artisan jewellery!

The feather itself symbol of freedom and courage, FA draw inspiration from native American culture. Creating visual balance, the solid 18k sunburst emblem represents the sun! In native American culture, the sun was believed to be the one and only God of the world!

Each piece is crafted entirely by hand in FA’s artisan studio. This level of perfection requires the highest amount of skill and effort for even the most skilled craftsman. The 950 silver created by FA is much denser and purer than standard 925 silver, with use the pendant will begin to age to a dark mahogany look, making the subtle hand hammered details appear even stronger! 

If you are looking to build up your own serious silver set, this is a perfect addition!

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