Dubble works by Warehouse 9oz ‘Mustangs’ Loopwheeled Sweatshirt (Ivory)
March 14, 2019

Dubble works by Warehouse 9oz ‘Mustangs’ Loopwheeled Sweatshirt (Ivory)

Sportswear style for a comfy day!

As makers of some of the best basic sweats and pull overs, Dubble works gears are seriously good value.

Inspired by 1960s football sweatshirts, the graphic design has a carefree vibe! This will age nicely with time as the print ages to a soft contrasting, cracked look.

Made with the longest African fibre cotton, these have a beautiful golden brownish colour. The interior has a Cashmere-Like texture, the color is over-dyed which will age to a vintage look with wears and washes! 

They all have V-inserts in front & back of crewneck like some vintage training sweats and sleeves are finished in“Set-In Sleeves” two needles construction to give arms more mobility & hold the shape better with wears! 

If you’re after a simple sweat with soulful graphics, this is it!

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