Cramp by Ikenohata Ginkawaten “Ying-Yang" Single Cuff
September 15, 2023

Cramp by Ikenohata Ginkawaten “Ying-Yang" Single Cuff

Proudly debuting a stunning new line for Corlection, here we have the “Ying-Yang” Single Cuff from master leather artisans --- Ikenohata Ginkawaten.

IG has skilfully crafted these using Japanese full-grain saddle leather, which is super durable yet comfortable against the skin. The leather strap is made using a cutting die, which is made from the extra-thick tanned cowhide used for the soles, and then finished by hand by craftsmen one by one using planes and files. The uneven dyed colour is deeply infused into the leather, and will age to a more soulful look with time!

The solid 925 sterling silver hook will age to a dark, high-contrast look as the details become more apparent and unique. Made using the sand-casting method by IG sculptors, and polished, one by one, by hand, the Ying-Yang Cuff features striking half-smooth/half-rough detailing. The edging and rough texture will shine and glint in the light, especially as the piece ages and wears. 

This is a quality daily accessory you can wear any day, for any occasion!

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Ikenohata Ginkawaten