Cramp by Ikenohata Ginkawaten "Pinless" Saddle Cowhide Belts
September 16, 2023

Cramp by Ikenohata Ginkawaten "Pinless" Saddle Cowhide Belts

Proudly debuting a stunning new line for Corlection, here we have the “Pinless” Heavy-Weight belt from master leather artisans.

Made from leather manufactured in one of Britain's oldest tanneries -- Baker's UK saddle leather, this belt is super durable and has a unique texture. Baker leather is known for its traditional method of slowly creating leather infused with wax. As a result, Baker's leather is twice as thick as normal leather, approximately 5 mm, making it extremely durable and water resistant. The colours are unevenly dyed, with time, you will expect some natural tan colour underneath coming up little by little to a more vintage look.

The buckle is particularly striking - thick, weighty brass, plated with 20-micron thick silver, smoked and polished to bring out the beautiful shine of silver. This will age stunningly, with all that texture and gleam on the front and base. Make sure to feel the incredible hand-crafted texture underneath!

The buckle, thanks to its weight and handcrafted construction, has a structure that allows it to be tightened and held fast without a pin. We’re pleased to announce that IG has specially made this belt with pin holes for Corlection, for that extra specific flair and unique touch!C

This time we have Black and Brown!

Ikenohata Ginkawaten