April 30, 2022


Many of you will be familiar with the classic N-1 Deck jacket. It's a famous, classic style worn by the US Navy personnel during WW2. Since it has influenced modern fashion and become an icon for practicality and warmth.

Boncoura has taken this to another level, unfamiliar from 'VINTAGE' that is now in another high-end category. Bon' has re-imagined this design with a shorter vertical length to make for a more practical fit with a hooded design.

The outer shell is specially developed by Boncoura. Despite being already Once Washed, the jungle cloth shell still maintains a beautiful sheen. It's very smooth thanks to its midweight and is very comfortable compared to vintage examples of jungle cloth. This jungle cloth is densely woven and thread dyed, meaning with long term use, you will see soft contrast and more shades of colour revealed.

The lining is another beautiful execution from Bon'. The lining is made from pure alpaca wool which has been filtered from any short or mid-length fibres... meaning the result is the TOP alpaca wool fibres that are long, soft and comfortable. It feels very comfortable against the skin with ZERO irritation. If you have tried alpaca wool before and felt agitated, rest assured this is totally different.

The simplified design for the front waist pockets is tasteful and will keep you cosy. The washable cowhide trims make for a more comfortable wearing experience and it also increases durability over long time usage. The two way, extra heavy brass zip is perfect for getting the right fit depending on the weather.

To make for a more 'winter-proof' jacket, this one features a lined hood and chin strap to keep those elements away!

If you have been seeking the most high-end deck jacket for this winter season... Bon' got you covered!

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