Boncoura Heavyweight Polo Shirt
August 20, 2021

Boncoura Heavyweight Polo Shirt

Once again, Bon‘ going to blow our minds with their execution!

Of course, these are specially developed by BON! This polo fabric is inspired by traditional Japanese “Kanako” fabric but heavily modified to make up for a more textured, three-dimensional outer surface and a silky smooth inner surface.

This fabric will keep you cosy but allow for perfect breathability and will maintain its shape over time.

For extra comfort, the collar and sleeve openings feature a vintage machine made ribbing fabric which will feel so soft against the skin.

With the signature ‘Lighthouse’ symbol embroidered on the chest and contrasting white urea buttons, this is an elegant style for a semi-casual look.

These come in a relaxed fit, inspired by traditional Japanese Kimono fittings.

if you’re after the real next level polos, swing for this one!

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