Boncoura Heavy Woolen "Fisherman" Sweater (Charcoal)
June 01, 2021

Boncoura Heavy Woolen "Fisherman" Sweater (Charcoal)

Not that typical sweater!

Each time Boncoura introduce a new product to us it's always an exciting experience! This sweater has been skillfully developed and improved over many years before being released to the world!

For those who are not aware, Boncoura is famous for its specially developed fabrication! This top-grade full-grain wool is harvested from Shetland sheep and skilfully processed to maintain the original, soft texture and colour. The un-dyed fibres have a naturally occurring deep grey colour and feature an oily surface which is amazing at keeping you warm and weather protected.

Skilfully knit to Boncoura's specific requirements you'll be protected from the wind, very much unlike your typical sweater that lets in the cold wind! The elegantly large-sized collar has been knitted densely and fits snugly around the neck so it maintains its shape perfectly with long term usage. The bottom hem is tapered making up for a snug fit around the waist that again keeps you nice and cosy! As for the cuffs, they're double length, allow you to roll them up for a classic style. When the temperature drops, you can unroll them for keeping your wrists warm.

These are seriously the best sweaters we've come across so far! Perfect if you're after something even warmer than your classic cotton sweatshirt!

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