Boncoura 14.5oz ‘Type Z’ Denim (Relax Tapered Fit)
April 02, 2019

Boncoura 14.5oz ‘Type Z’ Denim (Relax Tapered Fit)

From an era of free spirits, these are the late 1960s reincarnated as denim!

Boncoura create elegant designs with un-matched expertise of leveraging quality materials and resources from around the globe. Taking inspiration from the present and the past, they have really created a new standard of quality menswear.

In this time, people were free minded, relaxed and care free! This reflected in the vintage denims of that time and Boncoura have shown us how!

With an early seen zipped fly, this pair feature ‘pinched’ back pockets which were famous in the ‘rushed standard’ construction of the late 60s. The back pockets also feature a curved pocket shape for even more 'care-free' made look.

The denim itself is very different to others, made using pure indigo, the rich indigo makes em age with more contrast. The texture is slightly un-even and has a bright indigo look, just like back in the day but better!

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