Aizengama "Furelu" Mug
September 10, 2022

Aizengama "Furelu" Mug

Introducing "Good Life Maker" Aizengama!

We are excited to finally introduce to Corlection some homewares to use and treasure everyday! 

Hailing from the Nagasaki Prefecture, Aizengama "Good Life Maker" pottery studio creates stunning Hasami-ware. Entirely made in Japan by skilled artisans using traditional Japanese techniques, these homegoods are sure to last and bring joy with every use! 

This Mug size is perfect for cupping in your hands and drinking a cosy tea or coffee out of!

The 'Furelu' series features an amazing 'yuzu peel' texture created by mixing glass powder into the glaze before applying it to the surface. This results in a softly tactile feel and soulful look! 

Each piece, made to an exacting standard, has a subtly different texture and grain across the surface - no two pieces are exactly the same, with each presenting their own unique grain. 

The term Furelu refers to the specific enjoyment of haptic touch - of feeling the handcrafted objects nestled in your palm and the different sensations of its surface. As you hold the vessel in your hand the soft glaze sits comfortably against your palm, bringing pleasure with the act of use. 

Upgrade to a quality lifestyle with Aizengama!

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