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Studio D'Artisan X's-36C Limited Edition Slim Tapper Fit Denim

Studio D'Artisan

At the beginning of every year, Studio D'Artisan will release a model of limited edition denim to celebrate the new year. We are glad that we got a chance to bring in these X's-36C denim which limited to 260 pairs in the world. The denim is in a mid rise slim tapper fit. SDA company custom made these special 16.5oz green selvage denim for the model. Two different dye has been used in the fabric. The warp goes with a grand indigo dye and the weft is in an Indian inky indigo dye. Through using, the denim will appear a great contrast, not to mention that the mixing dye will make the aging so unique that you might never seen before.

Since this is the limited edition, SDA company makes every detail special. You will find extra thick cow hide leather patch with serie number on, silver coated cooper button fly, hand printed polka dots chambray pockets. Even their classic arc has been replace with a chain-stitching. Also, for the first 10 customers who purchase the jeans we will give you a free canvas shoulder bag from SDA company that worth 55AUD. 

If you are a fan of SDA or you are looking for something unique, you don't want to miss these. They will be available in Corlection Sydney and Melbourne as well.

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