The Flat Head X Miwa Komatsu "Year of the Monkey" Limited Edition Tee
February 29, 2016

The Flat Head X Miwa Komatsu "Year of the Monkey" Limited Edition Tee

You might still remember we once bring in The Flat Head and Miwa Komatsu's collaboration "Dream Chaser" tee a while ago. Those are some quick sold out in our stores, and we oftenly being ask if we gonna have those back in again. Unfortunately those are limited edition, but we happy to say that the second collaboration between them is in store now.

Miwa Komatsu is a Japanese aquatint artists (what is aquatint? click here). Her art work is full of pure imagination of fantasy and extreme on details. You will find out more on her personal website here. Also, Miwa is a contract designer for Chanel Japan now. 

This collaboration is based on a Nagano's (which is where The Flat Head company was founded) local species - Snow Monkey. Snow Monkey is considered as the god of thunder in Japanese fairy tale. You might also want to know that snow monkeys like to sneak into spa to keep themselves warm in winter. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is also the concept of A Bathing Ape was from as well. To celebrate 2016 which is the year of monkey, Ms Komatsu and The Flat Head come together again and create this beautiful art work exclusive for this collaboration.

The t-shirt is make of  TFH's classic heavy duty loopwheel fabric with their two/three needle constructions. The print will aged a little bit through using, you will see them cracking a little bit with wears. White and yellow colors are avaliable in both Corlection Sydney and Melbourne. 

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