First Arrow's "Sunburst" Ear Pierces
February 25, 2016

First Arrow's "Sunburst" Ear Pierces


In native Indiana culture, the sunburst symbol means hope and life, which is often used as a charm for good luck and health. Today we would like to introduce the First Arrow's "Sunburst" Ear Pierces, they are 100% hand crafted by First Arrow's most skilled artisans from two materials: First Arrow's signature 950 Silver and full K18 gold,  the designs are Emblems and Medals.

These pierces share simple designs as well as having elegant characteristics and the "Sunburst" symbol also made them very good charms. Regardless your gender, this will be a bling that is simple but stands out and will match you very well.

These studs also come with great values as the silver ones only being priced for $55 EACH and full K18 gold starting from $154 EACH.


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