Introducing The Freewheelers and Company
February 24, 2016

Introducing The Freewheelers and Company

We are so excited to announce that we finally bring in The Freewheelers and Company into Australia. The Freewheelers was a brand that we admired long time ago. In Japan, they are considered as kind of legendary brand. The founder - Mr. Atsushi Yasui is considered as a genius & most talented designer in Japan. He started to work for The Real McCoy's company as a major designer when he was only around 20 something years old. He was behind of a lot of classic design for The Real McCoy's company which TRM still use them as standard items nowadays. He was unsatisfied with the purely "Reproduction" trend and leave TRM company. He then founded the brand - The Bootleggers with his friends. The Bootleggers was successful in Japan, some of their denim pants even goes more than triple for a resell price. Mr. Yasui did not stop, he wants to do something that really different. Being through years of adjustment and struggle, he then re-brand The Bootleggers into The Freewheelers.

The Freewheelers is a brand that highly influenced by American culture. Instead of reproduction, The Freewheelers recreate the classics with their own idea. Mr. Yasui is highly influenced by "The Beat Generation". He "put his importance on sympathy of drifting memories on someday, somewhere" instead of follows particular styles or era of garments. Almost every piece from TFW comes with a piece of history. From folk legend Bob Dylan to railroad billionaire Andrew Carnegie, TFW revives their spirits and styles into products. In the future we will talk you through every piece of them.

The Freewheelers puts 0 efforts on advertisement but 100 efforts on design and quality. Totally depends on the word of mouth, they become legend in Japan. Most of the Freewheelers garments are easily sold out once they release. We will try to bring in more of their products in the future. Stay tune for more news.