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The Flat Head 12oz Denim Jacketed Shirt

The Flat Head

We have come across many denim shirts, those fabrics are commonly weaved by shuttle looms that work on a faster pace than the ones they use on jeans. But this Flat Head 12oz denim shirt is totally different: the fabric is made in the same way that the jeans' and jacket's fabric were made. So you might also call it a Jacketed Shirt. The 12oz fabric is made by proper denim shuttles as mentioned before, so it has given it a more un-even surface, also the indigo was dyed super rich in colour so it will fade gradually in a high contrast as their jeans do. Also, if you look into the texture with very strong contrast in the warp, you might be thinking this might be a left hand twill denim, but it is actually a right hand denim.

Construction wise, all the structural parts were chain stitched so the garment is strong enough for your everyday wear. The other parts of the garment were single needle stitched for a neat finish, and the buttons they use is made from genuine mother pearl. Luxurious!

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