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Kawatako "Feather Of Crow" Mid Wallet


We fully restocked Kawatako mid wallet collection this week, we bring back the classic "Gold", "Moon Night", "Sakura", "Ink" & "King Of Leather" ... Also, we bring in a new type called "Feather of Crow" that just released this season from Kawatako. "Feather of Crow" is using Japanese waxed cowhide with extra thickness. The leather has been uneven dyed with the darkest tone of navy color, it almost looks like black. But if you take a closer look under the light, you will still see some navy sheen appearing. Through your daily using, "FoC" will aged to a brighter navy color with some natural tan color coming through little by little. The beautiful sheen of navy and a little bit cracking tan color will be super unique. The mid wallet goes with Kawatako's classic design, it goes with 8 card slots, 2 card departments , 1 coin department with brass Tako zipper and 1 large notes department. If you are interested in this new color way, better to come to our physical store to have a look, I'm sure you will be amazed!

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