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Studio D'Artisan Copper Zippo (Limited Edition)

Studio D'Artisan

Studio D'Artisan "1941" zippo in stock. These Zippo lighters are custom made under requirements of Studio D'Artisan company. They are limited to 300 pieces only. The lighter is a reproduction of 1941 flip-top style Zippo. The case is a 1941 style flat-plane case with a sharper edge. A 4-barrels hinge construction join the lid and bottoms instead of modern 5-barrels hinge. The inside unit is also a reproduction of 1941 style. SDA custom made the case with top grade cooper, and engraved the classic "Twin Pigs" logo on it. The cooper case will aged with some special sheen through your using. In Japan, people saw a pig on the street means good luck, hope this can bring you guys some luck as well.

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