S.F.K Full Grain Cowhide Belts
February 12, 2016

S.F.K Full Grain Cowhide Belts

We met Kurt  one year ago and he kindly gave us a lecture of his products. Kurt has a more than 20 years experience and research on leather products. At the very beginning of it, he was really into horse hide belts, since the horsehide will appears a different kind of sheen compare with cowhide through a long time in use. Then he try out more different types of leathers, he found that some top grade full grain cowhide can appears similar aging looks like horse hide. Through a long time research and testing, he found out that the "Sheen" that appears through the aging is a result of the density and grease of the leather. The full grain cowhide he developed can makes full grain cowhide appears same sheen as cowhide. The results do really surprise us. Also, the cowhide is in an medium weight, we guarantee that you will have a smooth "break in".

Except top grade full grain cowhide, Kurt use dead-stock copper buckles for these belts. Those buckles are used to be US Army's supplies decades ago. They all appears naturally rusty looks, and through the time you might feel them become a bit more smooth and shinning. Also, since the buckles are dead-stock, the belts will be finished once the buckles are out of stock. The drop shape belt holes design makes the belts easy to be on and off.

The belts are carefully hand-stitched and polished by experience artisans from Taiwan. In our opinion, it is a "Made in Japan" standard product. We bring in two types of leathers - natural tan and black tea-cord for you to choose. The natural tan will age to a darker brown color. The black tea-cord is a color that kurt develop by himself, through wearing, you will see a reddish brown color come up little by little.

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