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In our store, over 80% of the brands and 95% of the products are from Japan, because Japanese makers are always on the way of pursuing quality. However today's brand which we are going to announce is NOT from Japan, and of course you might be wondering why. Most of our non-Japanese brands they have two things in common: one being they are extremely successful especially in Japan; the other being the high standard of quality for their products. So you may know the reason by now, yes, proudly to announce we will be carrying S.F.K., the legendary brand from Taiwan from this season.

Kurt Chen, the founder of S.F.K was first a vintage collector and he was heavily influenced by the way of how things were used to be crafted, through collecting vintage goods, he gained enormous amount of knowledge on leather, fabric and making of products. Then he got in touch with Japanese garments and deeply touched by the way that Japanese artisans' pursue for quality. In 2003, Kurt started his own store: Faith & co. Ltd., back then he was the only one who promotes the "quality fashion" concept in Taiwan or even the entire Eastern Asia region. Meanwhile the great hype of street fashion is on, and brands such as BAPE or NeighBorHooD were doing extremely well. Kurt played a very important role and had magnificent influence in today's world of quality fashion although most of you haven't even heard about his name, it was him being the missionary of quality fashion.

The key concept of the brand S.F.K. is comfort, practical and the products you can use everyday. Back in 2006, the atmosphere of quality fashion in Japan is super heavy duty. Items such as 33oz denims, shoes made from 7mm thick leather etc, as we look today such items would have been utterly uncomfortable, impractical and weighs too much for daily using. Having been through that era, S.F.K. has established their concept as we have mentioned before: comfort, practical and the products you can use everyday. The brand itself was established in 2006 as well, but all the products were prototypes and were gradually improved throughout the years until 2013, so we weren't able to see anything from S.F.K. until the Clutch Collection "C C Show" three years ago. S.F.K. haven't been in the market for so long time but they have a lot of dealers in Europe already so the quality is approbated.

We, CoRLection were also inspired such pioneer and we will like to pay extreme respect for such a great brand. Not made in Japan but has the Japanese standard of quality goods for everyday use. In the future we may be bringing in some more non-Japanese brands with premium quality. There's a saying in China says "A hero is a hero, no matter where he's from", we are the "spotter" for heroes, what we find will be good of course and we don't think origination is everything. We highly recommend you to check them out in our physical store to sense the beautiful designs and amazing quality of SFK products!

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